Welcome to Datastra!

We at Datastra have incorporated new methods & frameworks, giving us an ability to manage data at unprecedented levels. We are indeed, very INNOVATIVE AND FASCINATING! – just give us credit!

Seemingly disparate pieces of organizational software leave footprint of data everywhere. We visualize the data to ensure action, look at intelligence to get competitive advantage. Use of innovative frameworks ranging from data cleansing, reconciliation, visualization, and predictive algorithm to surge ahead

To our credit we have provided intelligence in many countries e.g. India, Singapore & APAC region to name few. Our innovative framework ranges from banking, supply chain to shipping industry. Its simple, collaborative and brings disproportionate benefits

Gone are the days of continuous dependency. In the era of SaaS and Big Data , things are being self served. We enable you to do things on your own. We have gone back to our roots of university. Here you learn , get enabled. We teach you to fish and sorry we do not provide fish!