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Analytics and MIS Services

Today's world is filled more with data than water. Every system is computerized, automated & is feeding data to different systems.

Managing this quantity of data has become one of the biggest challenges for Information Technology. Getting right data into the system & the right output in desired format at the right time is an area where everybody has their attention.

We, at Datastra, understand the problem & also the gravity of it. Hence, we have built our framework to cover the garmut of problems.

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We help you get a neutral view of problems. An external & independent view help in getting to know the problems better.

We help you crystallize your business process & needs. Our innovative framework helps you find the pain points.

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Training & Support

The traditional concept of creating support projects out of non- issue is a passe' now. Clients want to be empowered & in control. We also believe that, your abilities & your skills should be harnessed to manage your in-house projects.

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