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Analytics and MIS Services

Today's world is filled more with data than water. Every system is computerized, automated & is feeding data to different systems.

Managing this quantity of data has become one of the biggest challenges for Information Technology. Getting right data into the system & the right output in desired format at the right time is an area where everybody has their attention.

We, at Datastra, understand the problem & also the gravity of it. Hence, we have built our framework to cover the garmut of problems.

With our Bigdata expertise, we've geared up to tackle the problem of very big volume of data. We also have built services to reconcile the data between different system.

Our analytic experience has helped us to offer services in MIS, Dashboard, visualization, reports, high end analytic & development of intelligent products surrounding it. We help you to get better understanding of data & provide intelligence which can add to your business decision.