Data Warehousing

Data Integration and Data Warehousing services help you develop an underlying infrastructure that provides well-integrated, high-quality data to applications, processes, and people.

Data integration is a fundamental part of any business intelligence system. BI is commonly used to support key decision-making processes and can be a surprisingly high-profile endeavor. Additionally, integrating data from sources across an organization has unique challenges. The best practices and techniques for BI-data integration are rapidly evolving. Now, organizations have many more choices than just extract, transform and load (ETL) or hand-coded approaches. There are plenty of new methods and tools on the market, each with their own benefits and drawbacks -- and some work better than others, depending on your organization's requirements and budget.  We can analyze your individual situation and find the solution to fit your company's needs.

We can assess your information needs to identify areas for improvement and help you identify and integrate your data through data warehouses, data marts and other information repositories.

Through these services, you can design and deploy the technical, process and organizational architectures required to capture, manage and deliver information across your organization.

  • We the top data integration techniques for BI and can show you how data integration choices can make or break a BI program

  • We know the common mistakes that organizations often make when it comes to designing data integration for BI systems and can help you to avoid these pitfalls

  • We have new methods for BI data integration, such as the emerging real-time techniques and tools

  • We give expert advice for designing or optimizing a BI-data integration strategy