Level Sensor

The main purpose of the instrument is to analyse the depth of water in the tank.

They detect the level of substances that flow. The instrument is immersed in the tank containing water. When the level of water falls below a certain point, the instrument sends signal to the motor thus, enabling us to check the level of water in the tank. The instrument can also be used while filling the tank where it sends the signal when the water is reaches the top of the tank.

Advantages of using this products:

- Never lose sight of the level
- Can be used in open or closed tanks and containers.
- Ease of controlling the level of water while filling the tank.
- Ease of measuring liquid levels in clear containers & handling fluids that should not be touched!
- Control the flow from the holding tank.
- Alert the operator that a sensor has detected that the content level is running low.
- Reliably transmit variable tank level data to central control system.