Managed Services

For most large organizations, investing in information management software “up front” is a way of life. They have large IT staffs with many resources to build and maintain data warehouses and BI infrastructure to deliver reports and analyses throughout the organization. These projects typically take months or years to deploy and millions of dollars.

But smaller, growing organizations can also have complex businesses; many businesses under $500 million in revenues are already multinational, dealing with customers and trading partners around the world. However these companies are investing their resources on initiatives that contribute to the bottom line -- ensuring product is delivered and acquiring customers. They do not have the range of IT resources and budget to commit to enterprise wide data warehouse and BI deployments, yet they have the same type of data and information that needs analysis. Without a strong foundation for analyzing performance, they run the risk of making poor decisions which could put their business in jeopardy.

What’s needed for the mid market is a cost-effective, easy to deploy solution to deliver trusted information to managers so they can make informed decisions about how to allocate their precious resources to maximize performance and competitive position.

We now offer a data warehousing solution for the mid market. This solution allows mid market companies to benefit from the same infrastructure used by large enterprises to power their BI, but at a low monthly subscription price. It can be run either as a managed service or hosted solution. We will set up, configure, deploy, maintain and provide first-line support for BI As a Managed Service customers.